There are over a thousand groups on Facebook involving millions of internet entrepeneurs all of whom had to start internet businesses. Some received help; some muddled their way through.

Most found a niche in an internet business (or several) and are actively advertising their products or services.

Some of the more knowledgeable use multiple social mediums, paid advertisements, and promos as well as Facebook. Unfortunately it is suggested that 95% of these ventures fail, so it pays to carefully investigate each and every business before committing yourself and your money.

This raises the inevitable question, “What is the best internet business?” And it is this question we hope to answer in this article.

This video explains a little about starting an Interent Business.

A Short Catalogue Of ‘Internet Businesses

  • Niche Businesses. These generally cater for people involved in particular interests, like hobbyists (think model railway enthusiasts). Unless you have a new aspect to present you probably won’t break into this market.
  • Health Products. It is said that the “weight loss” business is amongst the biggest in the on line industry. And there are a huge amount to choose from so choose carefully. For example, “SkinnyBody Care” is a company selling weight loss capsules. See here for a contact (not associated with me).These capsules once swallowed, distend the stomach and  prevent over eating and apparently are amongst the most popular products on the market.
  • OnLine Stores. A number of people are involved in these. You market a product/s over the web. To do this you have to either physically post the article to your purchaser yourself, or as an agent for a larger organization, let them do the shipping. Some niche businesses do well with on line stores. I recall one lady with a booming business selling specially created sympathy and get well cards. Generally there are no taxes (VAT, GST) associated with this sort of product and postage is minimal. Your imagination is the limit.
  • Affiliate. This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get an online business established. All you need to do is sign up with a business as an affiliate (often at no cost) and then begin advertising their product and receive a fee for any sales. These fees can be substantial. For example check out www.clickbank.com
  • Networking This is really the core of all online businesses as well as other network marketing systems. Amway, for example is notable amongst network marketing businesses (and the biggest in the world).
  • Here is a good description of Network Marketing:

“You become  a member, distributor, consultant, representative (whatever you want to call yourself) of a company that provides a product or service as well as administrative and marketing support.Your  income has no limits and comes from selling these products or services and from recruiting others into Your network ( like you were) to likewise sell these products or services – and recruit others into their network.The attractive part about network marketing is that it costs very little to operate and it can be run from home and in and around everyday family life – as well as having a group of dedicated networkers each helping one another to achieve success”. (From the book, “Be a Network Marketing Superstar” by Mary Christensen with Wayne Christensen).

Critics often describe Network Marketing as “pyramid schemes” which is way off mark. In pyramid schemes all the money flows to the man at the top – whereas in Network Marketing the person who does the most work makes the most money. For example you may belong to a networking business, be it online or offline, and sign someone up. If he does more work than you then he gets more money. See the contrast between a “real” pyramid scheme and a Network Marketing group

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Examples of Internet Businesses

This is list is necessarily going to be limited as there are literally hundreds of internet businesses available.

Skinnybody Care – one of several weight loss companies where you participate by buying the product as well as signing up others in a networking arrangement. See SkinnybodyCare.com

Xplocial – again one of several online businesses that provide online training and an affiliate program allowing you to earn commissions by signing up team members. Bonus travel and shopping vouchers are provided to entice sign ups. One of the best people to contact in this business is Paul Turner. Check him out here And by the way, I am not receiving anything by providing this link.

Empower Network – Like Xplocial, EN provides online training with the addition of a blogging platform for a minimal start up cost. Once again, it is a networking system and by becoming an affiliate you are able to sell the system to others and receive commissions. There are acending levels of commisions based upon the level of product you have purchased.
The man for this business is Paul Ingram. Check him out here And again I gain no monetry benefit by providing this link.

Six figure Mentors – Known as SFM. Similar in many ways to Xplocial and EN SFM probably is a more educational system than the others but still operates on an affiliate basis in as much as you buy and partake of their system and onsell it to others. They have a two tier blogging platform – one provided “free” (included in the cost of sign up; and the other comes at a further cost. The man to see for information and help here is Steve Greenhalgh. Check him out here

Pure Leverage – Also known as PL. Appears to be a mixture of Enpower Network and SFM. PL also has an affiliate program paying commisions. See www.pureleverage.com

ACN – This is probably the best networking business I have seen to date. It involves marketing telecommunications and energy in twenty three countries at the moment- and about to move into Mexico. Do you know anyone who uses the internet, telephones (land lines and mobile), electricity and gas as well as merchant services (credit cards – USA)?
Of course you do – we all do.
But the great thing is – that you can receive a commission every time someone uses one of these services in 23 countries of the world! 

See my  ACN webpage here :  www.wilmac.acndirect.com and check out the available videos and products.

Contact me for further information on Contact Us (above) or on my Facebook Business page at www.facebook.com/mcallisterinternet.

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