Hi everyone, it’s safe to say that if your serious about starting an internet business then one day you will need an autoresponder like the one shown by the video above

But what is an Autoresponder? 

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically returns a prewritten message to anyone who fills in a subscription form on a blog or other website.

Like the ones on this page (the static form and the pop-up one.) Autoresponders are widely used by Web sites for the purpose of responding to visitor comments and suggestions  or to direct subscribers to sales pages.


Why use an Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are very useful and effective tools to keep in touch with your many subscribers whether daily, weekly or monthly.

Autoresponders provide not only cost savings but especially time efficiencies, ensuring that all of your customers are  responded to at any time you desire.

They save huge amounts of time. Instead of crafting individual email letters to each and everyone of your subscribers or customers all you need do is design a template letter that an Autoresponder sends to every individual on your list. And it can be set to be sent at the time you want or as many times as you want. Continue Reading…..