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From time to time I’m going to introduce various offers (businesses, software etc.) that I believe will be of interest for like minded individuals. These may be business opportunities, webinars or whatever – as long as I believe they are beneficial.



Amongst the myriad of online offers appearing on the internet is one worthy of mention. 

It’s known as “The Perfect Solution” or as its acronym, TPS.

At first I found it difficult to describe or explain what TPS actually was because it has so many facets – and this may be an advertising weakness – it has so many features and advantages it takes people a while to realise it’s tremendous scope and benefits.

The following video endeavours to explain simply and set out the scope of TPS. If you’re like me you may have to occasionally pause and contemplate to take it all in but we’ll endeavor to expand on it  after the video.

Well, there you have it. Plain and simple, eh?

But what a business! It comprehends several different internet platforms


  • Free online shop availability.
  • Multi online shopping mall complex available.
  • Drop Shipping availability.
  • Profit sharing (increases as you choose to expand your participation).
  • Expanding matrix of members – increases profits.
  • Great for clubs and charities (as long as they advertise the products from their free shops and get sales).
  • Paid to do your own shopping – as well as when others shop.
  • Book holidays through your own shop and get paid to do so.


The next chart illustrate the various levels that participants in TPS can get paid. As I said the more you expand your business (your participation) the more ways you can be compensated.

You will notice that the entry levels vary in price starting from $250 upwards. Each level gives you a product package and
your level of entry will determine the percentages of income you can earn from activities in your personal store and those of
your team.If you choose not to enter at the free level and enter at Bronze you can upgrade from Bronze to a higher level but you only have to pay the difference between levels, ie Bronze to Silver
pay difference of $250 or Bronze to Diamond pay difference of $1250. The top or highest business entry level is Diamond and is a One Time payment of $1,500.




However we need to compare “apples with apples” and compare the costs of other online businesses.

For an example see the chart below.

If you choose Shopify,(a well known provider of online shops – BUT only offers ONE FACET of TPS) a “basic” shop costs from $29 a month (pus expenses) but as soon as your business expands, costs can easily escalate to the $299 a month. That’s in excess of $2,500 EVERY year.

(And even if your business remains at the $79 per month level you would be paying $948 per annum plus expenses)

Image result for shopify pricing
Here are the Shopify plans as they stand at the moment:(taken from the web) Basic – $29/month + 2.9% and 20p per transaction. Shopify– $79/month + 2.7% and 20p per transaction. Advanced Shopify – $299/month + 2.4% and 20p per transaction.
Notice – the more sales you make with Shopify the more you pay besides the initial monthly costs – whereas with TPS you are also compensated when you buy from your own shop as well as when someone else buys!
Compensation Chart
The following chart illustrates the various levels of income you could expect by actively participating in TPS. It could be described as a vast co-operative venture with all members (now over 2 million) shopping at each other’s stores as well as  the public (billions). 

Compensation Levels



When you first decide to join TPS and initially choose to remain in the free area receive three free stores.

Here are two examples:

Should you wish to increase your business presence (and who wouldn’t?) then you can purchase your own internet address or monica – known as a URL

URL – is the unique address for a file that is accessible on the Internet. A common way to get to a Web site is to enter the URL of its home page file in your Web browser’s address line. However, any file within that Web site can also be specified with a URL.
You are using an URL when you go to any website, music files, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Everywhere you go online, in your browser window address bar, is a URL.


Always give careful thought when you choose a URL (available from,, and others).

Select a name you like but one that suites the business you’re promoting.

Some members have simple URL’s like,, or

These are simple enough and suffice for the job.

But when you realise that your webpage will actually contain links to a multitude of stores you may like to advertise that in your chosen URL – like I did with mine – as below.



Macs super Store

You’ll notice that because my web presence represents a multitude of shops – online ecommerce stores I’ve called it a Super Store Mall.




Having seen the information about TPS you may like to become a member of the fastest growing ecommerce platform today. If so, connect with me on facebook (See Here) and I will add you to our buzzing facebook community which offers support and will answer questions 24/7.

To join watch this short video on ‘Initial Steps’

Check it out here

and then click here to enrol.

If you have any questions message me on facebook – my goal is to help you become successful. You will always have myself and the TPS community
to help you along the way.

Look forward to meeting you on the otherside.