Multiple Income Streams

One of the things that I promote as an Internet Entrepreneurial Mentor is to establish multiple income streams.

It’s a bit like purchasing investment properties. You never become emotional attached to the properties you buy – you buy them in the areas where you are going to make the most money ( did I tell you I own investment properties as well?). The best thing to do with properties is to buy them  where you are going to get the best rents AND where their values are to rise the quickest.

This is the same with investing in multiple online businesses.

You need to search out the best without getting emotionally attached to the organisation. If its making money (rent) and their value (residual income)is paying dividends then you are on to the right one.

Having selected one and established yourself in the niche you should then endeavour to seek out others and duplicate the process.

Multiple Income Streams

But you may ask, ‘what businesses do I choose?’

It’s a good question because when you do a search on the internet there are hundreds on offer – some good and many – well, not so good.

So what I thought I would do is present a few I have found successful.

Mutiple Income Streams

The first is both an online as well as an offline business but extremely profitable. It is a Muti Level Networking business and you become your own Business Owner.

It involves the world’s biggest global telecommunications and energy company – and you can become involved for a minimal cost – but expect big payouts if you are prepared to put the time in.

It works well in over 23 countries but particulary so in the USA  (I am in Australia and it’s great too).

Check this one out HERE

This picture is an illustration of what you can do. This 30 year old young guy believed in his product so much that he was able to convey this belief to those he spoke to and quickly built his business up and enabled him to buy cars that were the passion of his life.

Multiple Income Streams



 Multiple Income Streams

Another business worthy of mention is the SkinnyBodyCare weight loss business.

Did you know that “weight loss” is the biggest business on the internet?

Because of this there is huge potential for you to make money – but the trick is to become involved in a company that is able to deliver on its promises and advertisements – and the SkinnyBodyCare company is one of them.

I should know. I am a professional involved in the health care industry and as far as I am concerned this company delivers a fair priced and safe commodity as well as a ton of support to its customers as well as to its sales people.

Check it out HERE

Multiple Income Streams

Weight Loss Success

Multiple Income Streams

Another I have found valuable is called Xplocial.

This one provides digital products in the form of  motivational training, internet business – travel and accomodation and shopping vouchers – and more – as well as money.

Check this one out HERE 

There is another but I will leave it here – suffice to say that there are always opportunities available to develop multiple income streams on the internet

Multiple Income Streams

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