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Starting Your Internet Business


If you’re like me and want a full time internet business then like me, you’ll find that it takes a little time and shouldn’t be rushed. But if your wise enough to take advice from others you’ll have no need to commit the mistakes others have made along their journey to success.
And the most important thing I have learnt is to avoid CONFUSION. there are literally millions of voices out there shouting at you, suggesting this, to do that, use my product, sell that , don’t sell  this – so much s that your head reels from all of the noise, leaving you totally confused.

Starting An Internet Business


 But there is an Answer

And that is, first and foremost, develop an organised planning program – either on a clipboard, in a notebook or as some authors do, using ‘sticky notes’ on a pin board.

If we were starting from the very beginning the program may take this style:

  1. Develop website/blog.

  2. Investigate suitable products to promote

  3. Learn how to promote these.

This would be your first page or first ‘sticky note’ and in reality each point becomes a chapter heading for the next page/sticky note. And notice, there’s no confusion, no mind muddles – just things you need to do in an organised chronological order to become successful.

The next step in an ordered approach would be to work on point  #1 – “Develop Website/blog. This is the foundation to your whole online presence and there are a number of things to consider – let’s do it in order.

  1. Need to create a webpage name – called a URL (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web.) This needs to be given some thought. Do you want to use your name? (like my URL “ or do you want it to promote some product, service or sport – such as “”. This may become a consideration if you wanted to set up multiple webpages that you may consider selling later – and one with your name may not be sellable.
  2. Need to register the URL.There are a number of companies that offer this service for a reasonable fee- as well as “hosting” your webpage. I would suggest either or Both can register your URL (if the name is available) and host your website.
  3. Need to get a webpage. There are a number of ways to do this. Most companies offer custom made built platforms ( I used one for another business of mine “” that I purchased from However I would recommend that if you are looking to write a blog that you choose a WordPress Theme – and start with a free one to commence with. There are two types of these – one from where you are totally in control (recommended) and the other is where they control much of your page. If you are a beginner, start with a simple WordPress theme such as “Tiny Forge Theme” – it’s free and easy to use. Google it and download – your website host will help you in that regard.
Starting Uour Interent business

Tiny Forge WordPress Theme Header


Once you have done all the above (it looks like a lot but in reality it can take a couple of hours) you now have to spend a little time on setting up the webpage. Youtube offers some help in doing this (How to set up a WordPress Blog or similar) – or I offer a service to get you started at a reasonable price.

Investigating Sellable Products

On our Planning Program this is the next thing to do (if you weren’t already having a stickybeak whilst setting up your website).
There are a number of “products” out there.

  1. First there are Affiliate Programs. You become an affiliate sales person to a company selling a product or service that you promote on your webpage/blog. Everytime someone purchases the product through your blog you receive a commission – and it can amount to quite an amount of money. Several companies offer this service and amongst these are Clickbank, Google Ads, and the Directory of Enzines – see here (If you click on these and purchase a product i receive a commision and at no extra cost to you. But when you get your website running you can duplicate the process) and not to forget Aweber, the Autoresponder program – see here or check out the Aweber video in the sidebar.
  2. Besides these digital products, there are several companies offering tangible products, like health and fitness products – and more. The opportunities are endless.

Next,you need to promote your site and your products

There are numerous ways you can do this and social media is a good start.

Here’s a list of some.

  1. Facebook (see my last blog),
  2. Pinterest
  3. Twitter
  4. Ezines (online magazines)
  5. Email
  6. Notice boards, both literal and online.
  7. Friends and family via “flyers”
  8. Solo Ads


And your advertising can be as extensive as any marketing company would provide. Think free giveaways (digital products), surveys, videos, prizes – to name a few.

And remember I offer a service for a fee to set up your web page to help you along the way.

Will McAllister – Author




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