Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Over 1.28 billion people use Facebook to connect with each other either for social or business purposes.

That’s a massive audience and would be coveted by any TV company or international newspaper. In fact the top five newspapers in the world come no where near those figures as the diagram below illustrates.


The top 10 U.S. newspapers by average weekday circulation October through March. The figures include digital editions such as those on tablet computers or restricted websites as well as branded editions, which include regional editions or those tailored for commuters.

1. The Wall Street Journal — 2,378,827 (includes 898,102 digital editions)
2. The New York Times — 1,865,318 (includes 1,133,923 digital editions)
3. USA Today — 1,674,306 (includes 249,900 digital editions)
4. Los Angeles Times — 653,868 (includes 177,720 digital editions and 43,275 branded editions)
5. Daily News of New York — 516,165 (includes 155,706 digital editions)
(According to the Huffington Post)


Facebook Marketing

It stands to reason then that the enormity of the audience would be very appealing to any marketers.

But not only are the numbers appealing; Facebook has other attractions.

You can advertise for free on Facebook – and that to an enormouse international audience!

 3 Ways To Advertise For Free

1 Place advertisements (posts) on your ‘Home’ page. That’s the page you share with all of your Facebook “friends”  be they family, aquaintenances or whoever. They and their “friends” see your posts (advertisements). Imagine – if you have two hundred friends and each of these have only a hundred each – what the audience reach would be! 20,000! (Of course that’s if you have tweeked your Facebook “Privacy Settings” to allow your posts to be seen by “friends” of your “friend”). And don’t forget to use pictures or graphics to enliven your posts like the illustration below.

Facebook Marketing

Network Marketing Group







2  Start a second page – a business page (besides your personal page). These can be one of six varieties as per the following list:

  • Local business or place (see my page here).
  • Artist, band or public figure (see the Rolling Stone’s page – https://www.facebook.com/therollingstones).
  • Company, organisation, or institution (see Coca Cola’s page – https://www.facebook.com/cocacolazero)
  • Entertainment.
  • Brand or product.
  • Cause or community.

To get your own business page navigate the directions given by Facebook on this page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

There are two ways to advertise on this page.

The first way is to put up posts like you would on your personal page. These could be advertisements for a service you’re offering, or a motivational comment or a mini blog. By this means you are calling attention to yourself as the expert in whatever you’re doing or whatever you’re selling. Use pictures, illustrations or videos to enhance your post because it is said that people will stop and look at picture whereas they might overlook pure script.

The second way to advertise on this page is to promote your post/advert. You will notice in the bottom of the post a blue window with the words, “Boost Post”. when you click on this a ‘box’ appears and you are invited to promote your post for a cost. You can choose amounts from about $5 upwards – as well as targetting your viewers. They can be just the friends who like your page or people in selected countries as well as people with selected interests. For example you wouldn’t want to advertise gym equipment to a Sewing Group but imagine the value of being able to target fitness fanatics! And you can target any niche you want and that’s one of the great things about Facebook Marketing

3 Commence a “Group” page

There is over a thousand “groups” on Facebook each with there own pages. These are essentially groups of people with the same interests who have the opportunity to advertise their businesses within the group. Some of these groups have more than 30,000 members (a few over 200,000!) so you can appreciate why it is so beneficial to become a member of one of these.

See my video explaining some of the features and benefits of joining Facebook groups.

Some of them are what is called “Open” groups – that is anyone can join as long as they obey the rules of the group. These rules  generally regulate what type of advertisement and how many a day you can post. Other groups are “Closed” and you can apply for membership or be invited – and these are generally for members to share ideas and to help each other.

Now here is the thing! You can create your own group. Imagine the authority this can give you especially if you use your own name or branding in the title. I created a group and called it, “Will McAllister’s Australian  Network Marketers Advertising” – see HERE

All you need to do this is to join one of the other groups and you will see a window on top of the page called “+Create Group”. Click on this and provide the artwork to create your personal header (like you would a webpage) that will then be a permament advert for you for ever. And the beauty of these pages is that you can place a “pinned” advert on the top of the page. This advertisement (post) then remains in this position, on the top, whereas other advertiser’s adverts continuously move down the page as more posts are posted. And you can change the content of your pinned post whenever you like.

Facebook Marketing

Finally there is one last way to market on Facebook but it’s not free but its much like the costs charged when you “boost post”.

You can create and advertisement that Facebook will promote themselves on the sides of everyone’s pages. the more you pay the greater spread of the advertisement. Once again you can target these advertisements to particular groups, interests and countries. In the Facebook blue colored bar across the top of the page and in the extreme right hand corner you will see an inverted (upside down) pyramid (a directional symbol). Click on this and you will see some actions you are able to access – one of these is “Create Ads”. Follow the directions and Facebook will help you create an advert suitable for what you are promoting. Have a look at these examples taken from my facebook “Home” page:

Facebook Marketing

Facebooks Adverts






Facebook Marketing – Outside Helps

Beside all the information above to get you started there are third party helps to invigorate your campaigns. One of these is called Post Planner and helps you automatically to post in numerous Facebook groups, as well as advising you on all aspects of Facebook advertising. See it HERE.

Or if you need more hands on help this lady offers her services (for a fee)Click Here!

Finally, another way of advertising along with Facebook is the Directory of Enzines. This company is run by  Charlie Page and he has a collection of online magazines that you can advertise through. There is a fee to join but once in, not only do you have vast areas in which to advertise, Charlie is always sending helpful advice through emails. See it HERE

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